Mode d'emploiTo go fishing

To go fishing

Every person waterside owner, holder of the fishing rights, to have the right to go fishing owes necessarily:

  • Subscribe to an Association for the Peach and the Protection of the Aquatic Environment (A.A.P.P.M.A).
  • Settle annual contributions relative to the practised mode of peach and to the classification of the stream.*
  • Have holder's authorization of peach.


" In brief, settle a fishing licence! "

Consult the column(section) "Fishing licence" to know which card(map) choose. The column(section) " Where to fish(go fishing) " indicates to you where to buy him(it) in the closest A.A.P.PM.A. She(it) is from now on available on the Internet:

Information / fishing licence

The fishing licence is personal and non-transferable. The fisherman must be able to prove his identity. He(it) makes a commitment, during the controls, to present an ID card with supporting photography. The fishing licence must be presented necessarily immediately to all the agents of the administration in charge of the police of the peach(fishing) (technician of the O.N.E.M.A ., the gendarme), as well as to all the guards fishes for private individuals (of A.A.P.P.M.A). And to all the agents of development (keep(guard) federal), provided with their agrémentation. Every holder of a fishing licence becomes member of the A.A.P.P.M.A. where he bought her(it). It confers him(her) the right(law) to participate in the clubs and societies of this one, as well as in the General assembly, for example.

*1ère or 2nd category.