PrésentationProtection of the Aquatic Environment

Two radiuses of actionThe Federation of Bouches du Rhône works naturally at the leisure go fishing by developing a halieutic management close to his(her) members, but it turns strongly to the protection of the very environment(middle).

The rarity of the water and its vulnerable character have to bring each of us to respect this resource essential to the life. The industrial explosion, the increasing urbanization, the massive use of fertilizer and pesticides are major factors(mailmen) of pollution which compromise the quality of the aquatic circles.

The biodiversity of these circles is thus in danger. If the natural balance is disrupted(perturbed) and distorted, the fish and aquatic life is it also. The fishermen are in a way sentinels of the quality of the water.

SEVERAL MISSIONS ARE IMPLEMENTED ALL YEAR ROUND:· Surveillance(Supervision) of the fish domain of the department

· Regulations of the activity of peach(fishing) inherent to the protection of streams and to the life of fishes

· Information

· Communication

· Raising awareness(Sensitization) on the biodiversity of the aquatic circles

· the Restoration, the rehabilitation and the interview(maintenance) of streams

· Improvement of the state of the ripisylve with regard to(compared with) its ecological functions(offices)

· Elaboration of a departmental plan of fish management

· Suggestion of proposals of management with the aim of improving the fish capacities


Entretien_riviereLa Federation matters(counts) among his(her) employees, a technician river and a team interview(maintenance) river.
She(It) is one of rare federation to have a team of this kind(genre), not to say the only one.
Since 1990, the Federation realizes its mission of management and protection of the aquatic circles by the implementation of a team of cleaning operatives of rivers and plans of water.
This team of 7 people a team leader of which is framed(supervised) by a technician of river and has for objective the implementation of programs of works or punctual interventions for purposes of interview(maintenance) or rehabilitation of the river system of Bouches-du-Rhône.

We intervene in particular on streams not having a structure of management typical labor unions(syndicates) of river, or in complements to these bodies.
Fields of activity as well as works to be realized are defined with Agréées association for the peach(fishing) and the protection of the Aquatic Circles concerned ( AAPPMA).

These interventions aim at improving the ecological features of the ripisylve.
It consists in particular there of the clearing and the selective cup(cutting) to maintain a maximal diversity of gasolines(essences) and facies.
The purpose is to favor the regeneration of the ripisylve by selecting and by clearing(releasing) certain trees or shrubs.
The closing blackberry bushes the environment(middle) are cleared up, but not eliminated, to diversify housing environments, to alternate sectors  more or less closed, offering shelters and trophiques resources, and more opened sectors allowing to pass the light and favoring the productivity of the environment(middle) ( aquatic vegetation).
The dead trees and embâcles, in particular in sectors not presenting stake flood, are kept(preserved) as far as possible.

Our interventions also aim at facilitating the accessibility during water and at emphasizing him(it) in particular on sectors seen frequently by the public and the fishermen.
We realize for it paths in bank (more or less set back(decreasing) as the case may be) with windows of access during water.
We collect and evacuate in discharge(dump) the waste of anthropological origin.

We also lead actions of fight(wrestling) against the sorts(species) intrusive and more particularly against Jussie (ludwigia sp).

Jussie is an exogenous water plant native of South America, its intrusive character has important consequences on the aquatic circles: she(it) competes with the native(autochthonous) plants, she(it) limits strongly the penetration of the light in the circles aquatic which she(it) colonizes, preventing the in-depth photosynthesis, she(it) also produces an important quantity of litter, these two phenomena which can pull(entail) a modification of the physical chemistry of the water.
The dense herbariums also limit the traffic(circulation) of the water as well as that some poisons.

To limit the fatal consequences due to its proliferation our action(share) consists of a manual lifting of the plant. This technique asks for a lot of time(weather) and average human beings but for rest the most precise and the least traumatizing for the environment(middle) during the phase realization.

Plantations are manually extracted, in their entirety then stored out of reach of floods possible to prevent any return of seedlings during water or stretch of water.
This plant being extremely a colonizer and propagating from cuttings easily, ways(means) limiting the escape of cuttings are set up during construction sites(works), a net prevents the drift of seedlings and allows their recovery(recycling), the material(equipment) in touch with the plant is cleaned before re-use on a new place to prevent the colonization of new sites.
Sites are handled(treated) every year until disappearance of the sort(species), the day before(watch) is then organized to intervene as quickly as possible in case of resumption.

Fishing reserves


Valid from 29/01/2009 till 31/12/2013
Situated on the municipality of Peyrolles in Provence, except(off) zone fish(go fishing).
The source(spring) ( upstream limit) in the bridge(deck) of Pinchinades (limits approval(downstream)).
Situated on the municipalities of Pennes Mirabeau and Vitrolles.
Of the bridge(deck) of Paradou ( upstream limit) in the dam(roadblock) Vitry (limit approval(downstream)).
Situated on the municipality of Ventabren.

· DURANCE (100 meters each)
Durance to Châteaurenard - Approval(Downstream) of the Threshold 66 says of Calais.
Durance to Meyrargues - Approval(Downstream) of the Threshold 106 - Approval(Downstream) of the railroad Viaduct.
Durance to Jouques - Approval(Downstream) of the Threshold.
Valid from 20/05/2009 till 31/12/2013
The source(spring) ( upstream limit) in the confluence with Durance (limits approval(downstream)).
Situated on the municipality of Meyrargues.
Valid from 22/07/2009 till 31/12/2013
In the source(spring) (plot of land 26) directly above(below) the limit of the plots of land 19 and 20, on a 175 meter length.
Situated on the municipality of Noves.


Situated on the municipality of Meyrargues.